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The majority of people wear 20% of their closet 80% of the time

Time for a de-clutter and Wardrobe refresh? A problem easily solved with this 3 hour service.The Wardrobe Edit which takes place in the comfort of your own home is designed to leave you with a perfectly curated wardrobe of pieces that you wear, that fit you perfectly, and that you know how to style.  

The session will start with an informal chat reviewing your completed questionnaire and addressing your main wardrobe goals and areas of concern. For new-clients, all Wardrobe Edits will proceed with a 45 min colour & body shape analysis. We will then go through your existing wardrobe (* for the majority of wardrobes, it's unlikely we will be able to get through your entire wardrobe in the 3 hours)  editing out pieces that you no longer wear, no longer fit, and that you're not sure how to style. After identifying any gaps in your wardrobe,  a list of any missing items will be drawn up. 



      3 hour Wardrobe Edit - Includes

  • Initial consultation

  • Questionnaire

  • 45 minute Mini Colour and Bodyshape Analysis

  • Review of current pieces 

  • Shopping List of missing items


Wardrobe Edit Consultation: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Informal Consultation:

Your Wardrobe Edit will begin with a relaxed conversation  (via zoom )and questionnaire to delve into your main wardrobe objectives, style preferences and wardrobe needs. Identify specific wardrobe goals and areas of concern that you'd like to address during the session.

2. Mini Colour and Bodyshape Analysis

We start the Wardrobe Edit (at your home ) with a mini colour and body shape analysis. This will help to determine your best colour palette and shapes that work for you , arming us with the tools needed to begin work on your wardrobe itself. 

3. Wardrobe Evaluation:

Review your current wardrobe. Together we will identify pieces that are no longer worn, don't fit, or pose styling challenges. Note: Due to time constraints (typically 3 hours), it's advised to focus on the most frequently worn items. 

4. Editing Process:

Remove items that no longer align with your style or serve a purpose in your current lifestyle. Prioritize keeping versatile and timeless pieces while ensuring your wardrobe reflects your personality.

5. Styling Guidance:

Receive expert advice on how to style specific pieces, making the most of what you already own. Explore creative ways to mix and match, breathing new life into existing items.

6. Identify Wardrobe Gaps:

Work together to pinpoint any missing items essential for a well-rounded wardrobe. Collaboratively create a list of these items to guide your future Personal Styling appointment. 

7. Post-Session Follow-Up:

Receive a summary of the session, including the list of missing wardrobe items and personalised recommendations.Stay connected for ongoing support and future styling services, and book in for your Personal Styling Appointment.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can maximize the benefits of the Wardrobe Edit service, ensuring a personalized and transformative experience tailored to your unique style and lifestyle needs.

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