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What is Body Shape Analysis and How Does It Work?

As a Personal Stylist, I  believe that understanding your body shape is the key to dressing well. Body shape analysis is a personalized approach that involves evaluating the proportions and contours of your body to determine its unique silhouette. By assessing factors such as the distribution of weight, the waist-to-hip ratio, and the prominence of certain features, we are able to gain valuable insights into your distinct body shape.

The process goes beyond mere measurements, delving into the intricacies of your physique to identify the nuances that make you uniquely you. Through this analysis, we unveil the canvas upon which we'll paint a picture of confidence and style, tailored just for you.

How Do We Assess Your Body Shape?

Prior to any personal shopping session, it is important for us to determine your body-shape, for me to select items that will best enhance your best features, and draw attention away from your least favourite areas. This can be done by virtually by sending a full length photo of yourself in natural light wearing figure hugging clothes ( such as a pair of leggings and a vest top). I also conduct an in-person body shape analysis at the beginning of all wardrobe edits along with a colour analysis before we begin working our way through your wardrobe. A combination of measurements and visual observations are employed to determine which bodyshape category you fit best into. Sometimes we can be a combination of two, and by combining these insights with an understanding of your lifestyle and fashion preferences, we can curate a comprehensive analysis that lays the foundation for your unique style journey.

How Your Body Shape Determines the Best Cuts of Clothing for You?

Your body shape is the roadmap to your ideal wardrobe. At Styled by Hellana , I recognise that each body shape comes with its own set of strengths, and my mission is to accentuate them. Understanding the nuances of your silhouette allows me to recommend clothing cuts and styles that flatter your features, highlighting your natural beauty. Whether it's choosing garments that cinch at the waist to enhance an hourglass figure or opting for A-line skirts to complement a pear-shaped silhouette, my expertise lies in aligning fashion choices with your unique physique. By harmonizing your clothing choices with your body shape, we empower you to embrace a style that not only looks good but feels authentically you.

What are the different types of body shapes? 

Women's body shapes can vary widely, and are often categorised into several common types. It's important to note that these categories are generalizations, and many individuals may not fit precisely into one category. Body shapes can also change over time due to factors such as weight loss, gain, or muscle development. Here are some common women's body-type shapes: 

  1. Hourglass:

  2. Pear 

  3. Apple 

  4. Rectangle 

  5. Inverted Triangle:


Remember that these categories are generalizations, and individual body shapes can vary. Additionally, many people may have a combination of characteristics from more than one body shape category. The key is to celebrate and embrace your unique body, finding styles that make you feel confident and comfortable.

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Hourglass Figure

Rectangle Body Shape

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

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