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The first-step of your Style Journey

In this consultation, we will determine the best colours to suit your complexion,  cuts of clothing to flatter your body shape, and define your style personality; giving you the tools and knowledge to change the way you shop forever.  


-45min Colour Analysis using drapes 

-Style Personality 

-Body shape Analysis



By using sets of coloured drapes , I will show you the colours that work best for your complexion and which colour 'season' you fall into; determining your colour palette for your  makeup, accessories and clothes. These colours remain the same , so once you are armed with this knowledge- you will be able to really elevate your style and quickly eliminate things that don't suit your complexion and eliminate things that aren't working for you. 

What is a style personality ? Style personality is a key part of personal styling 

and combines your lifestyle, personal taste and the image you would like to portray to the world. It doesn't need to be limited to one, but finding your style personality will help curate your perfect wardrobe and give direction to the way dress. 

They key to dressing is understanding your bodyshape, and in turn what cuts, and fabrics enhance your best features and conceal your least. There is something to suit everyone, no matter your size or shape.

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